A business analyst is an individual who is educated and experienced in the field of business.

This person must be at a point where he or she is capable of going into a business and analyzing what needs to be done in order for the business to reach it’s goals.

This person must understand the ins and outs of each department, as well as basic business concepts. A business analyst must be skilled in interpreting information: taking raw data and turning it into a meaningful picture of what is actually going on in a business.

What Education is Needed to Become a Business Analyst?

To become a business analyst, you will need some type of higher education. Job listings for business analysts nearly always require a bachelor’s degree, though it doesn’t generally matter what type or what focus the degree is in.

This is business standard. Once in a while there will be an opportunity for work as a business analyst without a college education, but there will never be an opportunity for a business analyst who is not educated, self or otherwise.

What Experience Does a Business Analyst Need?

You will need to be a generalist, a specialist, and a hybrid in your field in order to be a successful business analyst.

A business analyst must have enough experience in business to examine business situations from all angles.

This is not something that can be taken lightly. Often, difficult past experiences, or just the process of climbing the corporate ladder, will produce experience enough for an analytic mind.

Importance of Building Reputation

To become a business analyst, you will need to network with purpose. By making the right connections, being friendly, outgoing, and forthcoming about your business analyst skills, you can often make connections and get the work you want. It is important to be competent in the field.

You cannot go from being an expert in timeshare sales to becoming an insurance business analyst very successfully, but going from being an expert in insurance sales to becoming an insurance business analyst would be much more feasible.

Business Analyst Blogging

Many news sources use blogging as an outlet for business analysts employed by the media company. This form of business analyst work has expanded with the Internet.

These business analysts are free to express their own opinions but their ability to get right into the center of the organizational culture is less than it would be for a traditional business analyst.

Consultant Work

Sometimes business analysts work as consultants. These individuals are often paid by the job for analyzing businesses.

Finding Yourself as a Business Analyst

Often, business analysts didn’t originally set out to become one; instead the person discovered it was something they were naturally good at.

If someone is trying to figure out how to become a business analyst, the chances are high that this person has already been acting as a business analyst in their current job.

The next step could be to join a business analyst organization, apply for an analyst position within a certain field, or clearly state the intent to work as an analyst and promote that intent on social networking sites.


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